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Value Duration training is a service that we provide to help you master and adopt Value Duration in your organization. The training is conducted as a two-day training which is full of application cases to help you grasp the material in simple manner.
During the training you will learn the principle of Value Duration, the steps to adopt Value Duration, the overview on financial model preparation, the development of Value Duration and Value Duration Term Structure. The discussion will extend on how to integrate Value Duration in your risk and budgeting platform and to adapt Value Duration for non-corporate organizations, government and non-public institution.

To help you understand better, you will be provided with spreadsheet models which is easy to understand regardless of how complicated your organization and your risk platform is. The financial model principles in this training are adapted from the curriculum of Professional Financial Modeler (PFM) certification program which provides a benchmark on how to prepare a financial model which is sound and sustainable. To learn about PFM Program, click here.

This training provides a one-stop solution for knowledgeable individuals which cannot devote more than necessary time to achieve good applicable understanding in Value Duration. The curriculum as described below has been tailored to fill your organizational needs.The training program is available as public training and in-house training. In-house training can be tailored to your organization and participants and can be delivered worldwide.

This training is suitable for decision makers and functional from these organizations:
  1. Financial institutions
  2. Corporation from any sector, whether real sector or services industry
  3. Government institution
  4. Non-profit organization
  5. Foundation and endowment
  6. Project and subsidiaries
  7. Education body

Training Benefit

Investment of this program is IDR 6.000.000,- per person for attending 2 day program.
Get the special price below!
  • 10% discount if you are a Professional Financial Modeler (PFM) Designation Holder
  • 5% discount if you register at the latest 2 WEEKS before the event date
  • 5% discount for group discount if you register at least 3 persons from the same company
Investment Including Hand Out, Venue, Lunch and Coffee Break, Free book “Managing Corporate And Institutional Risk with Value Duration” written by Ricky Ichsan Barliman CFA, PFM, FRM, CFP, CFOS, ERMCP, CRMP, CSA, CRP, MM, Attendance Certificate.
Participant Accomodation & Transportation Excluded


Ricky Ichsan Barliman, CFA, PFM, FRM, CFP, CFOS, ERMCP, CRMP, CSA, CRP, MM

Possesses 9 professional certifications, passing straight on all exams. More than 15 years in insurance, treasury – fixed income, investment banking, derivatives and risk management. Since he holds senior positions in some companies in the field of professional education, consulting and publication.

Ricky is responsible for developing global curriculum for Professional Financial Modeler Certification Program. He has written several books including Managing Corporate Risk with Value Duration. He has the passion to share knowledge where he has been teaching in various certification programs and trainings since 2007.
He is advisor and forum member for some institutions and coordinator for CFA and FRM program at Bina Nusantara University. He is taking doctorate study at Brawijaya University, Indonesia, majoring in Management.

Training Schedule

Public Class Schedule
Date September, 12-13 2018
Location Jakarta, Indonesia
Language Of Class Delivery Indonesian

Program And Syllabus

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